Iconic symbols abound in our lives. The recycling symbol tells us to reuse, recycle, reduce.  Some logos have seemingly worldwide instantaneous recognition: Apple’s fruit, McDonalds’ golden arch and the Starbucks mermaid… and the simple male and female symbols that adorn the rest room doors. The #itwasneveradress campaign takes the female icon and invites us to look at it in a whole new way.  Not a dress at all but a cape forms the outline.it was never a dress
Last night Mass TLC, Axosoft and SmartBear hosted a  discussion on women in tech and getting more men involved in “women’s” events (one cool guy came to this event even though it was never marketed as a women-only event.) Our upcoming Women Entrepreneurs Evening in Boston (October 14) will co-exist with a Mass Innovation Nights product launch event and we hope to see a gender-balanced audience celebrating all the opportunities for women founders.

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