It’s up to all of us.

At a time when the world gets divisive, we need to take responsibility for ourselves, our careers and help each other. 

Innovation Women is dedicated to visibility for everyone. The more we get onstage, whether as a keynote, a featured speaker or a panelist, the more opportunity we have to tell our story and contribute to the conversation. Every time a reporter uses the database to seek out a source and quotes that woman in a story, we all win.

What can you do today? Make sure you complete your speaker profile on our site, or update it with recent talks that you’ve given.  Add “example talks”. Tell your best story. And your origin story. Add a video so event managers can see you speaking. And, when you get an invitation to speak, and can’t do it, pass it on to another woman.

Our new #Mentor program (add “Mentor” to your topics list and let others connect with you as a mentor) is designed to get our community helping each other, and some great causes.  When we announced the program, we were so pleased to see so many people immediately update their profiles to include “mentor”.

Stand tall, take a deep breath and make your voice heard.

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