*We’d like to make a small correction to last week’s newsletter. In error, we listed the offer below from BUILD of Greater Boston as coming from Autodesk’s BUILD Space. We’ve corrected below.*

Recently we announced that our speakers can add the word “mentor” to their profiles and organizations like Science Club for Girls could use our database to connect them. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience, one that can help you come to better understand yourself as a leader and businessperson while you pass along knowledge to your protege.
What if one meeting each week could change a life, including your own? Our friends at BUILD are seeking fun and caring mentors to help high school students launch real businesses in the Boston area. Mentoring takes place at their partner schools during the early afternoon. 90 minutes a week helps make a difference in a young person’s life plus you connect with other like-minded professionals in Boston. Find out if being a BUILD mentor is for you.
If you want to become an mentor for Science Club for Girls or BUILD, or an organization in your area, you can do so using Innovation Women! Simply log in to your speaker’s profile and mark yourself as a mentor. This will allow groups to find you using the website and link you up with great mentoring opportunities.
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