This week I had a good meeting and was able to quickly follow up with an email detailing the steps we would both be taking as we furthered our relationship.  No squinting at a set of cryptic notes a week later. No wracking my brain for elusive details.  I did it right away.

When was the last time you visited the Innovation Women website?  Last month?  The day your signed up?  Quick, stop everything and visit it RIGHT NOW.  Speakers, make sure your profile is complete. Everything tagged out the wazoo? Event managers — plan ahead and book your 2016 speakers RIGHT NOW.  We’re starting to see those invites going out.

We recently had an event manager search using the word “funding” with limited success, but found exactly what they needed after we suggested they search on “angel” and “venture capital”. Remember your synonyms! We’ll be sharing tips like these and others at our Speakers Paradise workshop next week at WeWork Melcher Street.  Sign up RIGHT NOW – we still have a few seats left.

In just two weeks we’ll be holding the Women Entrepreneurs Evening in Boston — if you haven’t done so already, you can RSVP RIGHT NOW.

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