This week we had the privilege of being there for another panel comprised entirely of 3speakersInnovation Women speakers! This speaking opportunity went out as a call for participation in our newsletter and we presented more than a dozen potential speakers to the event manager who picked the speakers they wanted. (Part of our “concierge service” for event managers.) Margaret Donnelly, Christine Perkett and Angela Pitter (L to R in the photo) did us proud in an hour long panel on social media for the extended MIT Sloan Communications team.

Now the real work begins in following up, making new connections, promoting the video we did and some of the great ideas that came out of the session. (Margaret did a blog post just before the event with a number of tips, Christine followed up with Two Simple Tips and we’ll be tweeting out some of the tips all our experts provided.)
The next time you get invited to speak through Innovation Women, let us know so we can help promote it!  Over the first year, we made more than 150 connections that we know of. We know that some event managers are making invites directly on your websites and social media too.
Big News Coming!
Next week, we’ll be announcing a special new program. Keep your eyes here!
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