We have new event managers signing up with us almost daily, to search our database for speakers and expert sources. We also help event managers find speakers through our concierge service, where we provide a list of speakers to an event manager. So, how do you get noticed? Here are 3 quick tips:

  • A video is the number one “attention-getting” device on your profile page.  Don’t have a professional video of yourself speaking at a conference or event? Make a greeting video. Smile for the camera and tell us who you are and what your expertise is.  Then place the video on YouTube and link to it.
  • Make sure your topics and keywords are up-to-date and complete. Be creative. While you may have “sales” on your list, an event manager may be looking for “objection handling.”
  • Include example topics on your profile. When you include an example topic, consider including where you spoke on that topic.  (I.e. This is my TEDx talk.)
We also promote our speakers’ events and speaking engagements, if you tell us!  Share your speaking engagement info with us on Twitter @WomenInno, or send it to us!
And, you can also connect with mentorships through Innovation Women. Just add “mentor” to your list of topics.
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