SXSW (South by Southwest), the annual film, music and interactive festival in Austin, TX is one of the world’s largest and most eclectic conferences and events. With hundreds of official panels, speakers and dozens of simultaneous events, it’s a great microcosm of the events and conference world.

This year, employment, inclusion and activism were among the top programming trends the SXSW organization identified when they looked at the hundreds of SXSW panels, featured speaker topics and keynote presentations. The organizers called “diversity and inclusion cornerstones of innovative and creative societies the world over.”
The sheer number of diversity, inclusion and gender panels this year was staggering. We found more than 30 in just a few minutes of searching, just among the official events. We attended as many as we could in the few days we were in Austin…conveniently missing most of the wrath of the latest Nor’easter in Boston.
There were a number of re-occurring themes: family and parental leave, how to work with allies, flexible workplaces, and more. While there was great information imparted, and an amazing number of powerful women and allies all working on these challenges, I wonder what next year will bring.
Will all the discussion and reflection bring change? Or did we “use up” a huge number of panels and speaking opportunities on the discussion and nothing is going to change? It’s the reason we are wary of the seemingly ubiquitous”Women in _______” panels. They contribute to the overall number of women onstage but continue to keep women on the sidelines and out of the important conversations. Take a few minutes to check out the panels on our blog. What do you think?
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