Finance is always seen as a “man’s world”, and we’d like to change that, so here are some of the awesome finance speakers you’ll find on Innovation Women. They can address topics including fintech, investing, and personal finance. Whether you’re looking for someone to run a workshop, a featured speaker, or a panelist, you can find them here.

The 2019 Finance Super Panel: First Row: Ande Frazier, Philadelphia, PA; Ann Leamon, Boston, MA; Betty Francisco, Boston, MA; Christina Qi, Boston, MA; Deniz A. Johnson, MBA, Boston, MA; Galia Gichon, Connecticut and New York, NY; Helen Yang, Lexington, MA; Karen Cahn, New York City, NY; Kelly Gushue, Boston, MA; Kristen Tyrrell, Cambridge, MA; Lauren Cosulich, Boston, MA; Leah Weinberg, CFP, CDFA, Boston, MA; Lisa Raiche, Boston, MA; Lynn Bromley, New England; Maica D Walker, Houston, TX; Marla Sofer, San Francisco, CA; Mindy Barker, Jacksonville, FL; Nicole Peterkin, Boston, MA; Renee’ Caputi, MBA, JD, LLM, Florida.

Find them, and more on, a free-for-you-to-use platform that connects event managers, conference producers and journalists with amazing speakers and subject matter experts, who just happen to be women.

Twitter Handles: @andefrazier; @VCWriter; @bettyfrancisco; @christinaqi; @denizajohnson; @SimplyMoney; @andeswealth; @karencahn; @PFWarrior; @kristentyrrell; @Bromley51; @MaicaDWalker; @marlasofer; @MindyCFO; @nicolepeterkin; @ReneeCaputiLLM

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