Yes, you have a “women’s panel” at your day long event.  Or, maybe you have a few women scattered on a couple of panels. But have you considered the advantages of a truly gender-balanced conference or event? And have you thought about what it means to your entire community?

If you are running a large conference or day-long or multi-day event, we want to talk to you about the Innovation Women Gender-balanced Conference Challenge.  Can you ensure that at your event:

  1. All the “on-stage moments” have an equal number of men and women.
  2. All your panels have an equal number of women and men.
  3. Your keynote speaker slate and featured speakers list have an equal number of men and women.
  4. Your pitch contest, or hack-a-thon or other participatory elements are gender-balanced.

Gender-balance your entire conference or large event and reap the attendance benefits too. More diverse panels and speakers bring in a larger community of attendees, as well as providing more interesting conversations onstage.

Large events, conferences and conventions play a unique role in any community. With such a large number of speakers, they are often providing a showcase for speakers who will populate other events. Event managers see a great speaker at another event and ask them to speak at their event. If the biggest game in town is gender-balanced and diverse, you will see a trickle-down effect in the entire community. Big events set the example.

Stay tuned for more information on the Innovation Women Gender-balanced Conference Challenge!

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