Leadership is one of the more requested topics we get for speakers, as well as one of our most listed topics. So it might be surprising to learn that many conferences “forget” about women when it comes to booking a “leadership” speaker. All too often our unconscious biases come into play. Or the sad realities of the makeup of the C-suite in most Fortune 500 companies.
These awesome women can walk you through what it means to be a leader and how to achieve a leadership position.  They can provide you with a path to leadership roles, or show you how to effective lead a team. There are different kinds of leadership as well — personal leadership, corporate and organizational leadership.  We also have women who talk about women in leadership roles and the unique challenges of achieving a leadership position.

InnovationWomen.com has literally hundreds of awesome women who can speak about leadership and related topics at conferences and events.  This list represents a fraction of the options you can find on our self-service platform.  If you are an event manager, event planner or conference manager, just sign up for a free account and once approved, you can browse our speakers, and add diversity and gender-balance to the event you are booking speakers for by connecting with them directly.

The 2018 Innovation Women Leadership Speakers include: First line: Mary Brodie, Dallas TX; Mari Anne Vanella, Silicon Valley; Kemi Sorinmade, Boston; Arieann DeFazio, Boulder, CO; Shonna Smith, Fairfax, VA; Heather Lavoie, Hopkinton, NH and Stowe, VT; Melissa Maloney, Canada. Second Line: Dr. Janice Presser, Philadelphia, PA; Cynthia Wright, Denver, CO; Vijji Suryadevara, Pleasanton, CA; Veronica Cool, Baltimore, MA; Alicia Couri, Miami, FL; Wendy Perry, Adelaide, South Australia; Bernadette McClelland, Melbourne, Australia. Third Line: Jennifer Gabler, Westport, CT; Angela Harris, Philadelphia, PA; Colleen DelVecchio, Northhampton, MA; Jennifer Fairbank, Austin, TX; Tina Lee, San Francisco, CA; Jamie Crosbie, Dallas, TX; Barbara Anne Cookson, Maine. Fourth Line: Shaara Roman, Arlington, VA; LeeAnn Mallorie, Boston, MA; Jennifer DiMotta, Washington, DC; zubaida bai, Colorado; Janice DiPietro, Boston, MA; Tara Lynn Foster, Charlotte, NC; Michelle Tillis Lederman, CSP, PCC, New Jersey. Fifth Line: Nikki Henry, Clovis, CA; Mary Abbajay, Washington, DC; Lori Harris, North Carolina; Megan Marini, Boston, MA; Julie Lawson, St. Louis, MO; Linda Stewart, Boston, MA. 

Find them, and more on InnovationWomen.com.

(What is a super panel? It’s an Innovation Women specialty, a way for us to recognize and promote some of the best women speakers in a given industry or on a given topic. If we had a chance to assemble a round table, or a super exclusive invite-only event, these are some of the awesome women we’d invite to talk about leadership.)

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