A year ago, Facebook engineers Erin Summers and Zainab Ghadiyali founded Wogrammer, an organization devoted to celebrating women’s technical accomplishments, not just their gender.  Now Facebook COO and author Sheryl Sandberg has weighed in, via Facebook post.”You can’t be what you can’t see,” says Sandberg.
Wogrammer is all about breaking the Silicon Valley “Brogrammer” stereotype and changing how the world envisions programmers, engineers and other technologists. The more we see of women in these roles, the more we will see. (Hint: One reason we like this organization – they understand the importance of visibility!)
Join the Wogrammer movement. Post (we’re seeing posts on both Facebook and Twitter) what technology achievement you are proud of with the hashtag #wogrammers, and look for great stories with the wogrammer hashtag. Know a great wogrammer? Maybe they need to be a part of Innovation Women too. Send ’em on over.
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