When I pick up a new book, one of the things I’m looking for is inspiration. Anyone else? These books are inspiring and great if you are  feeling stuck. Whether you want to make a career change, or you need help getting through a rough patch; these books will help you gain a new perspective. 

These books will help anyone who is feeling stuck realize that they are not alone. Everyone has to overcome obstacles.  

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How to Get Run Over By a Truck, Katie McKenna shares her story about the time she got run over by a truck and the obstacles she had to overcome as a result. This memoir is inspiring, and teaches the reader the importance of embracing change. 


The Happier Approach, Nancy Jane Smith has over 20 years experience working with women who struggle with anxiety and stress. Her book focuses on teaching the reader how to be happier and kinder to themselves. 


Keep Going, Jennifer Potter has written a collection of success stories in the hopes of sparking inspiration.


Reset, Kristen Lee Costa wants to help readers learn how to make the most of their stress. Turn any stressful energy you may have into something positive with this 24/7 guide for well-being. 


Spiral, Amy Simpkins teaches readers how to optimize life’s spirals in order to achieve their biggest goals. This book is a great read for anyone wanting to change their mindset. 


Go from Scapegoat to Superstar, Barbara-Ann Yates want women to learn how to get what they want in their careers, and rise above the competition! A must read for anyone feeling stuck in their work life. 


Super Powers: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness, Adita Yrizarry-Lang understands that it can be difficult to make time for yourself when there are always a million things to get done. Adita’s book serves as a helpful guide to anyone wanting to work on making health and happiness more of a priority in their busy lifestyle. 


Taming the Sabertooth, Tracey Grove uses taming a sabertooth as a metaphor for modern day stress and anxiety in the workplace. Readers will learn that they have the power to shift their response to a stressful environment. 


From Drift to Shift, Jody B. Miller wants readers to learn to live with purpose and incorporate it into both their personal and professional lives. Jody encourages her readers to look for purpose in everything that they do. 


Your Ticket to the Universe by Kimberly Arcand


Vibrational Healing by Jaya Jaya Myra 


Finding My Way Home by Kacy Zurkus 


Dare to Heal: Journaling the Pain Away by Mildred Muhammad 

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