Innovation Women is proud to announce our partnership with wiseHer, a global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges through on-demand 1:1 access to executives, coaches, mentors, education and resources that accelerate business and career growth.

“Partnering with wiseHer resonates with me on both personal and professional levels,” notes Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women. “Personally, I believe deeply in the mission. Professionally, it makes good business sense to connect Innovation Women members to wiseHer, as they can benefit as both experts and customers.”

“Bobbie and Innovation Women have been key drivers of wiseHer’s early successes, including our Grand Prize Audience Vote win at Mass Innovation Nights last year,” notes wiseHer Founder and CEO Kathryn Rose.  “Now that we’re launched, we hope wiseHer can help Innovation Women members move forward, farther and faster.”

To learn more and get connected with wiseHer’s world-class been there, done that Experts, visit their website and follow them on social media.

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