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Women and Entrepreneurship: Go Against the Flow documentary screening
February 10, 2017
Boston, MA
From their website: “Every Year for the past 30 years more women than men have graduated college. Women are entering the workforce in equal numbers to men, but women still:
– Earn 79% of their male counterparts
– Receive less than 10% of venture capital funding
– Make up only 18% of all start-up founders
– Run only 4% of Fortune 500 companies
– Only 2 % of women owned firms generate more than a million dollars
YET, research shows gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and companies with more women on their board are more successful. On February 10th, join us for the screening of ‘Go Against the Flow ‘ with a post documentary roundtable discussion with Boston female entrepreneurs to discuss the role Boston and its entrepreneurs have to play in changing these.”
NECINA 2017 Gala Chinese New Year
February 11, 2017
Burlington, MA
Hear Innovation Woman Doreen Dove speak at this event about how to use style to take control of your image and realize possibilities. Learn more here.
MIT Open House: Executive and Professional Programs
February 16, 2016
Cambridge, MA
From their site: “Attend our open house and learn from Professor Nelson Repenning who will speak about systems thinking. Most efforts to improve organizational performance fail to produce significant change. Research suggests these failures could be avoided by realizing the interacting effects of such change efforts, and adapting individual and organizational mindsets and structures to enable meaningful and positive organizational change.”
WHGB BostonTalks Happy Hour: Sex and Our City
February 23, 2017
Boston, MA
Sponsored by Innovation Women: Hear from and connect with local experts in a variety of fields while enjoying the great company of your neighbors from Boston and beyond. Each event combines short speaking programs, drinks, and a chance for you to join the conversation. Writer and dance scholar Jessica Berson sheds light on the business and history of erotic performance. Independent scholar Lori Stokes explains how the Puritans might not have been so pure after all. Professor and author Stephanie Schorow takes us back in time to downtown Boston’s adult entertainment district and what used to be known as the Combat Zone. Learn more here.
Non-Linear Finance and the Art of Business Projections
March 2, 2017
Cambridge, MA
Attend this workshop and hear Innovation Women speaker Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz teach about business planning, financing, and rolling forecasts. Learn more.
Power of US – Women in Leadership Conference
March 11, 2017
Berkeley, CA
From their website: “The 21st annual Berkeley-Haas Women in Leadership conference focuses on collaboration between men and women so that we can empower each other, inspire each other, and lead together.”
March 18, 2017
San Francisco, CA
From their site: “A one day hackathon for women from experienced coders to total newbies. Come with an idea or join a team on-site and spend the day building a great project with enthusiastic, fun people. You don’t have to know how to code to join this hackathon. Dev BootCamp is offering beginner coding workshops alongside the event so everyone leaves having learned a new skill and contributing to a project!”
Women in Tech Festival 2017 – Building the She-conomy
March 24, 2017
Mountain View, CA
From their website: “TWO amazing days to inspire, empower, and support women in tech! Silicon Valley Forum’s Women in Tech Festival celebrates women in tech, STEM, and business careers who work to inspire, engage, and empower other women. Since the inaugural event in 2015, the Women in Tech Festival has encouraged women – and men who support the advancement of women – to join together for a day of inspiring talks, insights on how technology is powering change, and educational workshops.”
6th Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit
March 27-29, 2017
Philadelphia, PA
From their website: “The 6th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting for Pharmaceuticals Summit takes a comprehensive approach to understand the latest regulations for the DSCSA to remain compliant and uphold quality through-brand protections plans and anti-counterfeiting strategies.” -Learn more here.
The Women’s Leadership Conference
March 31 – April 1 2017
Smith College
The Women’s Leadership Conference is “a two-day event featuring workshops and career development opportunities, all led by distinguished alumnae and faculty. Presenters will share personal and professional stories of how they have pushed traditional boundaries to achieve success, and give you the tools you need to bravely push your own boundaries.”Learn more.
2017 BE BOLD Conference
May 17, 2017
Boston, MA
This is the 2nd Annual Conference for Boston Business Women at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. From their website: “Experience the power and inspiration at the 2nd Annual Boston Business Women’s Conference… The day will be filled with amazing celebrity speakers, a relaxation room, networking, learning, thinking and getting to know the other women in Boston’s business scene.” Learn More.

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