These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Innovation Woman Regina Au will be moderating a panel on Medical Devices and Wearables at Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT), February 13-14, 2018 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. More information here.
Innovation Woman Janet Britcher will present on Zoom Leadership at WEST on February 15 at Merck Exploratory Science Center in Cambridge, MA.
Innovation Woman Jennifer DiMotta presents Leadership as a Strategy: Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach at WNG Women’s Leadership Forum February 22 in Washington DC.
Innovation Woman Diane Darling will speak at the University of Texas Women in Law Institute on February 23, 2018 in Austin TX. More information here.
Innovation Woman Margot Bloomstein will deliver the keynote address at World IA Day 2018 on February 24 in Boston.
Innovation Woman Alyssa Dver presents Calm, Cool and In Control: Neuro-Based Confidence Secrets and Strategies at Exhibitor Live! Feb 25-March 1 in Las Vegas.
Attorney and Innovation Women speaker Kathy Winger will be on a panel talking about “Handling Cybersecurity and Data Breaches” at the International Wireless Communications Expo March 5-9, 2018 in Orlando. Kathy found the opportunity in our weekly speaker newsletter, applied and was invited to speak.
These Innovation Women will be speaking at the Bryant University Women’s Summit on March 16 in Smithfield RI: Kim Miles on “Miles in Heels’ Golden Rules for Getting Past Hello!” and Alyssa Dver on “Neuro-based Strategies and Secrets to Reach Your Most Confident Self.”
Innovation Woman Raya Bidshahri will be speaking at the Global Education and Skills Forum on March 17-18 in Dubai.
Innovation Woman Kesha Williams will be speaking about machine learning, predictive policing, and SAM at the Women of Silicon Valley Conference in San Francisco on March 21-22, 2018. You can also read her article on What Humans Can Learn From Machines here.
Innovation Woman Valerie Gordon speaks on “What is the Next Chapter for Your Story?” at 2018 National Associaton of Professional Mortgage Women Annual April 4-6 in Las Vegas NV.
Innovation Woman Melissa Harrison will present “Building Smarter Marketing Strategies to Engage and Grow Your Business” at LIGHTFAIR International May 8-10 in Chicago, IL, and “Maintaining Balance in an Over-Connected World” at 2018 IPI International Conference & Expo June 3-6 in Orlando, FL.
Innovation Woman Kate Baucherel will be speaking at the Security IT Summit London on July 3, 2018 – she got this opportunity through the Innovation Women newsletter! More information here.
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