These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Read Innovation Woman Zubaida Bai‘s article, “We need a women-first, women-led approach to global reproductive health” on TEDx Fellows.
Innovation Woman Angela Lussier‘s new book, The Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures, is now available to purchase.
Innovation Woman Valerie Gordon speaks on “What is the Next Chapter for Your Story?” at 2018 National Associaton of Professional Mortgage Women Annual April 4-6 in Las Vegas NV.
Innovation Woman Cleonie Mainvielle will be the opening speaker for the Massachusetts Society of Academic Medical Administrators 2018 Annual Meeting on Friday April 6 in Boston MA.

Innovation Woman Melissa Harrison will be speaking at these upcoming events:
“Secrets of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur” at the 2018 Emerging Trends in Wellness Conference April 11 in Boston MA. “Building a Smarter Marketing Strategy to Engage and Grow Your Business” at LIGHTFAIR International 2018 May 8-10 in Chicago IL. “How to Drive Membership Engagement through Digital Channels” at the 2018 ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference May 22 in Washington DC. “Maintaining Balance in an Over-Connected World” at 2018 IPI International Conference & Expo June 3-6 in Orlando, FL.

Innovation Woman Andrea Goulet will be presenting “Digging into a Legacy Code base” at the Mob Programming Conference on April 12-13 in Burlington MA.
Innovation Woman Christie Lindor will be speaking at TEDx Zaragoza on April 15 in Zaragoza Spain. She has also published her first book, The MECE Muse.
Innovation Woman Kathy Winger will be speaking at RSA Conference 2018 on April 16-20 in San Francisco. Kathy got this speaking engagement through our newsletter listings!
Innovation Woman Alyssa Dver will deliver the Opening Keynote: “Kickass Confidence: Neuro-based Strategies & Secrets to STAND Out. Be Heard. Have Impact.” at the Boston GLOW Career and Empowerment Conference on April 21.
Innovation Woman Debra Baker will present Towards A Crowd-Sourced Cryptographic Knowledge Base at the International Cryptographic Module Conference on May 11.
Innovation Woman Regina Au will be a moderator/organizer at the BIO Convention June 4-7 in Boston MA. Her session, “Our Microbiome and Its Relationship to Various Diseases,” is under the Next Generation Biotherapeutics Track.
Innovation Woman Candice Hughes will Chair “How to De-Risk Alliances for Success” and present, “The Vendor Perspective on De-Risking Partnerships for Shared Success” at the DIA 2018 Annual Meeting June 24-28 in Boston MA.
Innovation Woman Kate Baucherel will be speaking at the Security IT Summit London on July 3, 2018 – she got this opportunity through the Innovation Women newsletter! More information here.

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