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New Speaking Engagements

Katrina Sawa spoke at the eWomenNetwork Denver Chapter on March 9, and was the featured speaker at the Northern Colorado Chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse on March 14-15.

Cindy Tsai, M.D. spoke at the Thursday Club in San Diego CA, at the New York Public Library Business Center in New York City on March 8, and the 2023 Empowered Women in Wellness Conference in Temecula, CA on March 18.

Tosca DiMatteo will be a keynote speaker at the Women In Banking Conference in Springfield IL on September 13-14. 


Brenda Meller presented Your LinkedIn Company Page at the SE Troy Affinity Group in Troy MI on March 9, and presents Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn as an Inforum Member & Young Professional for Inforum on April 27.


Shaara Roman will be speaking at HRLF Keynote event on April 14.
Debra Eckerling spoke about Event Outcome Optimization on Steve Dotto’s Webinar Wednesday on March 22.


Brenda Viola presents “Public Servants’ Survival Guide” workshop at the Northfield Community School District kickoff event in Northfield NJ on September 5.

Anne Ryan facilitated the “How to be a LinkedIn Sensation” workshop for the CUNY Futures in Finance career initiative on March 2.

Orly Zeewy was a guest on The Female Roundtable with Michelle Dahl on March 20.


Takisha Carter spoke at Connecticut Cannabis Expo in Uncasville CT on March 25, and presented Cannabis for Chronic Conditions at the West Haven Public Library in West Haven, CT on April 8.

Melissa Jurkoic spoke at Forward Together in Bedford NH on April 13.

Nancy D Butler spoke at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York City on March 6-17.


Lisa Johnson presented “How To Properly Prepare for Divorce” on March 27 and will present “The Client as Consumer: How to Advocate For Yourself (With Your Own Attorney)” on May 11 at the Byram Shubert Library in Greenwich CT.

Kara Miller will be the keynote speaker at The 2023 Intellectual Property Awareness Summit at Northeastern University in Boston MA on May 2.

Naomi Kent spoke at the Women in Hotel & Leisure group on March 9.


Rachel Simon spoke at Digital Summit Phoenix on the topic “How to Remove Your Content Blinders on LinkedIn” on March 30.

Nadine Collins spoke at these events: Women’s Prayer Weekend, Antigua on March 3-5; Embracing Equity at University of the West Indies, Five Islands Campus, Antigua (Virtual) on March 8; and Standing Together In Prayer at Lakeview SDA Church, Powder Springs GA on March 11.

Jelisha Jones will speak at the 2023 Outdoor Writers Association of America Annual Conference in Gulf Shores AL on September 9.


Ashley Smith presented Is Your Brain Deceiving You? at TEDxEdina.

Jennifer (Jenn) Artura spoke at the 9th Annual SEEM (Sports, Entertainment Event Management) Leadership Conference at Johnson & Wales University College of Hospitality Management on March 28, and will speak at the Massachusetts Library Association 2023 Conference: Making Waves in Falmouth MA on May 8-9.

Micha Goebig will be speaking at Reuters Automotive Europe 2023 in Munich, Germany on May 16-17.


Connie Inukai was a speaker at HerStory Global Conference in Washington DC on March 9.

Mary Adams spoke at The Embry-Riddle – Worldwide College of Business on March 29, and will be speaking at the Strategic Finance and Accounting Virtual Conference on April 20.

Vanessa Zamy presented The Burnout Panel on…High Turnover Rates on March 27, and will be Team Management Instructor for The Watson Institute on April 10-26.


Paulette Piñero will be the keynote speaker at the

Pioneer Valley Conference for Women in Springfield MA on May 4.

Alida Zweidler-McKay presented Power Boost Your Connections and Career to the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Boston MA on April 4.

Lauren Moloney Laker will be giving a workshop at Long Island Beltaine in Huntington NY on May 6.


Whitnie Wiley spoke at Milestone Circles Spring 2023 Summit in San Francisco CA on March 31.

Lisa Griffith will be speaking to the Rhode Island Higher Education Training Consortium on April 19, and “Take the ‘Crazy’ Out of ‘Busy’: Time Management Tips for Today’s Professionals” at Brown University on September 20.

Dr. Deborah “Dr. DJ” Johnson-Blake spoke at the 32nd Women’s Enrichment Symposium in High Point NC on April 1, and will be speaking at the Georgia Continuing Education Association in Savannah, GA on April 20-21.


Ana Karina Da SIlva will be one of the speakers for SHE RUNS IT, for the Midwest Multicultural Bootcamp in Chicago IL on April 26.

Connie Steele presented the PIRAH Webinar What it Takes to Be Successful in the New World of Work on April 18.

Precious Williams spoke at SXSW in Austin TX on March 10EO Los Angeles on March 14EO Orange County on March 15EO San Diego on March 16, and will present at NAWBO Chicago on April 27, Celebrating Women’s History Month – Learn from the Killer Pitch Master on May 3, Step Into The C-Suite: How to get a seat at the table of your dreams in Washington DC on October 19.



Noreen Braman spoke at the Monroe Senior Center in Monroe NJ on April 10, and will speak at the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor Conference and Humor Academy in Mesa AZ on April 26, and the Council of Collaborative Practice Groups Conference in Jamesburg, NJ on June 15.

Greer McVay is speaking at the CAPIO conference in Monterey CA on May 3.

Carrie Pasquarello presents Let’s Talk Scams – Top Cybersecurity Threat for 2023 on May 10.


Darlene Hawley spoke at Empowered Women in Wellness in Murietta GA on March 18, the Speak Up Women Conference on April 1, and will be speaking at Hey Girl You Can Summit on April 20-23, and ICF Connecticut on May 19.

Laura Sauter spoke at the Small Business Expo on April 13.


Randye Kaye presents Expand the Possible: Love Your Mental Health Workshop in Saybrook, CT on April 29.

Natasha Welcome MEd will be speaking at NYACCE Conference ‘Power to the Past, Force to the Future’ in Albany, NY on April 19-21.

New Publications

Amber Griffiths‘s book BRAND Like You are Meant for More! Your Daily Guide for Branding on the Road to Legend is available at Amazon.

Carrie Gallant‘s book Conversation Secrets for Tomorrow’s Leaders: 21 Obvious Secrets Leaders Do Not Use Enough is available at Amazon.

Gina Riley‘s article Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Business or Startup was published in Authority Magazine, and interviewed Rich Lehmann in the February issue of Industry Expert Magazine.


Dr. Frieda Wiley‘s book Telecommuting Psychosis: From Surviving to Thriving While Working in Your Pajama Pants is available at Amazon.

Nicole N. Middendorf‘s book Who Pays?: Navigating Love and Money is available at Amazon.

Marla Privitera‘s book A Space Between: Holistic Wellness for Menopause and Beyond is available at Amazon.


Brenda Meller‘s book Social Media Pie: How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of the LinkedIn Pie is available at Amazon.

Kim R Donlan‘s book Your Messaging Sucks is available at Amazon.

Robin Camarote‘s article What I Learned While Being the World’s Worst Manager was published on


Carrie Pasquarello was interviewed by USAToday on travel safety.

Krystalore Crews‘s book Your Krystal Clear Life Planner: A Woman’s 90 day Action Plan to Embrace Chaos and Live a Fulfilling Life! is available at Amazon.

Sarah Elkins‘s book Your Stories Don’t Define You. How You Tell Them Will: Storytelling to Connect, Persuade, and Entertain is available at Amazon.


Henna Pryor‘s book Good Awkward: How to Embrace the Embarrassing and Celebrate the Cringe to Become The Bravest You is available at Amazon.

Precious Williams‘s book Rainmaking 101 From Day 1 is available at Amazon.

Sandy Lamb‘s book Cracking The Rich Code is available for pre-order.

Toni Guffei‘s book Digital Marketing Strategies is available for download.

Norie Huddle‘s book Return to the Garden is available at Amazon.

Lisa Gable‘s book Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South is available at Amazon.


New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Gina Riley was on the Leads to Growth podcast with host Chris McCoy, the Defy Expectations podcastEloma podcast,  Leadership Powered by Common Sense podcast, The Next Chapter Experience podcastInvest In Yourself Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, and the Evolution of Brand podcast with host Jason Cercon.

Lorraine Segal was a guest on Dr. Doreen Downing’s Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Podcast.

Nicole Middendorf spoke on WCCO Radio about The Live it List! on March 13.  


Ambika Devi was a guest on the Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy, Eat Ice Cream pod and vlog cast.

Frieda Wiley will be a guest on The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast on May 8.

Bobbie Carlton spoke on the WITS & Wisdom podcast.


Jennifer Furlong was the special guest on the “Your Business Story” podcast.

Anne Ryan interviewed Ellen Leikind, CEO & Founder of PokerDivas, and Ariana J. Tadler for SHIP’s Women’s History Month series.

Nadine Collins appeared on emPowered by Purpose on Second Advent Radio, Antigua on February 28, and Good Morning Antigua on Antigua Broadcasting Network on March 2. 


Anastasia Lipske appeared on the Espresso Jams podcast with Joe Matz, Nan McKay’s Trailblazers Impact PodcastLearning from Smart People with Rob Oliver Podcast, and Your Business Story with Innovation Women Member Kristin Spencer.

Dr. Fadia Nordtveit spoke on the International Women’s Day Event at NBC’s Mass Appeal for WWLP-TV.

Carrie Pasquarello invited to speak on Rachael’s First Week podcast for Study Abroad Safety.


Debra Eckerling was a guest on Seth Goldstein’s Entrepreneur’s Enigma podcast.

Orly Zeewy appeared on the More Perfect Marketing Podcast.

Barbara Welch will be on the She Leads Now Podcast with Sabine Gedeon on April 21.


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