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New Speaking Engagements

Pamela Sams is speaking at the INVEST Cryptocurrency for Advisors conference on December 12-13.




Kelly Colon was a panelist and guest speaker at an event for the Smith Group Client Advisory Board/Summit on the Next Evolution of Corporate Real Estate on November 9-11 in Tempe AZ, and facilitated presentations on November 14-18 at DukeWake Forest and NC State.




Miki Feldman Simon spoke at Inventure$ on May 31-June 2 in Calgary Canada, the Maine Women’s Conference on October 25 in Portland ME, and TAMID: Emerge. Educate. Elevate. on November 6 in Boston MA.




Micha Goebig emceed the Women Automotive Network Winter Meetup on November 16, and was a speaker at the PASS Data Summit on November 17 in Seattle WA.




Genein Letford was the opening keynote at the National Association of Gifted Children on November 16 in Indianapolis IN.




Meghan Gardner presented “Know Laughing Matter! Having Fun at Work” at the International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association (IAAPA) on November 14 in Orlando, FL.




Noreen Braman presents “Laughter Break for The Health of It” at the Monroe Township Senior Center on December 30 in Monroe NJ.




Julia Geisman presented Salary Negotiation is More than a Paycheck for CIC and the Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 16.




Sireesha Chilakamarri presented “Creating A System Messaging Strategy” Workshop for System Design in Computer Science and “Developing a High 5 Attitude” at Tech Summit Austin on November 21 in Austin TX.




Hannah Austin was selected to be a breakout speaker for the Indiana Women’s Conference on November 1 in Indianapolis IN.




Stephanie Potter spoke at the TRUST Wellbeing Retreat on November 11 in Wayzata, MN.




Rebecca Rodriguez will be presenting “Moving Forward from Stage One of the Nonprofit Lifecycle: How to Speed up the Process & Pain of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” at the Onestar Foundation’s annual TX Nonprofit Summit  on February 28 in Austin TX.




Judith Thermidor presents Effective Communication with patients with Alzheimer’s disease with the Alzheimer’s Association on December 7 and December 13 in Waltham, MA.




Michelle Tillis Lederman delivered her Collaborative Communications program for the City Harvest executive Team Retreat December 5 in New York City.




Lindsey Prudente spoke at Day of Shecurity (virtual) on December 8.




Ellen Williams was a panelist at the ESG for Marketing & Communications on December 7.




Carrie Pasquarello was a guest speaker in Dr. Weiss’ Theories and Practices of Policing class at Fitchburg State University Police Program/Police Academy.




Dr. Regina Lark presents A National Speakers Association Webinar Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: De-clutter 101 for the Right Brain Creative on December 13.




Lola Adeyemo delivered the Keynote at the Salk Women & Science Awards on November 2.




Debra Eckerling presented “How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever” Goal-Setting Workshop as part of the Women’s Confidence and Career Black Friday SuperStack.






Precious Williams presented Change Your Language, Change the Sales Game! for Women’s Business Club UK on November 24Confidence: Speaking Your Way into Great Opportunities on December 1, was Keynote Speaker at the The Lift As We Climb Convention on December 1“Pitch, Please!” How to Become #BookedBusyandHighlyPaid on December 6, and will present The POWER of YOUR Dreams on January 21 in Austin TX.



New Publications

Micha Goebig has a new article out on Forbes, titled “Three Lessons To Unlearn Instead Of Learn, Even For Former Straight-A Students”




Kelly Colon‘s book Life Interrupted is available at Amazon.




Rosie Zilinskas‘s book Engaging Speakers: Voices of Truth is available at Amazon.




Betty Francisco was featured in Boston Business Journal.




Susan Carter‘s book I’m Fine: A Bathroom Book for Seniors is available at Amazon.




Mari Anne Snow was interviewed in BostInno.




New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Orly Zeewy was a guest on This Week with Sabir, and on Jeff Pulver Conversations on November 28.




Rosie Zilinskas‘s podcast No Woman Left Behind is available at Apple Podcasts.





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