It’s the first day back to work and with all of 2016 ahead of us, there is so much to do, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s a blank calendar, a fresh notebook and an already heaping full to do list.
A new event manager reached out to us at Innovation Women over the weekend.  He’s looking for a number of speakers including startup lawyers, people who have started non-profits and social entrepreneurs. Within a matter of minutes we were able to provide three options for each topic.
Now he’ll need to choose the best ones for his needs. One of the key influencers?  The information in the Innovation Women profiles.  One of the things he noticed immediately is that some speakers offer “Example Talks” and some don’t. If your profile doesn’t include a selection of example talks, take a moment right now and add them in.  Take the abstract from your last talk and drop it right in. It makes it so much easier for our event managers.
We’ve got some great things coming your way – stay tuned for a great 2016!
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