Every week hundreds of events continue to promote All Male Panels and you’re still sitting on the sidelines. If you would like to be an Innovation Woman speaker but need help convincing the boss, our Justification Toolkit is here to help!  Simply copy and paste the verbiage you’d like to use and send it to your manager.
Dear Boss

I am requesting your approval to join Innovation Women, an online “visibility bureau” for women like me. Innovation Women helps get more women onstage at conferences and events. It could be an important part of our inclusion, diversity and marketing efforts.

I know we’re trying to demonstrate what an awesome place our company is for women, and every time one of us gets on stage at a conference, event, or meetup, we’re telling the world we value and respect our female employees.

Innovation Women speakers:

  • Receive invitations directly from event managers who use the website.
  • Receive a weekly speaker newsletter with 100+ speaking opportunities.
  • Get promoted through the IW website, newsletter and on social media.
  • Great content for speakers – everything from how to set a speaker price to

Meanwhile, I’ll be gaining:

  • Valuable experience in public speaking
  • Opportunities to promote our company, our department and my awesome boss
  • Connections to potential customers and partners
  • Discounts or free tickets to the events I speak at

Innovation Women’s annual membership fee is only a $100. It’s something I can put on my corporate card and expense. No need to go through a big budget thing.

Thanks for your consideration.

[Your name]

P.S.: You may want to check out the testimonials, an FAQ and a one-pager on the IW site for more information. They also have group rates available if you’d like our team to form a group and join together.
Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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