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Candice Benson presents “Change Management in Today’s PMO: What You Need to Know to Thrive” at the PMO Impact Summit on September 20–24.



Erin Lubien presents Networking for Success at K!ck*ass Women.










Caterina Rando presents the Shero Speaker Virtual Summit on September 24-26.




Read Orly Zeewy‘s Interview with The Table Read.





Julia Geisman will present “When You Exclude, You Lose: The Hidden Costs of Excluding” at #DevOpsWorld 2021 on September 28-30.




Maria Shepherd will be speaking at MedExec Women 2021 on October 26 in Boston MA.




Nicole Anderson will be speaking on Hiring Culture at the Michigan SHRM Conference on October 13–15 in Grand Rapids Michigan, and will be the Keynote Speaker, speaking on Mental Health – Perseverance and Determination at the FAFCC Annual Conference on November 11-12 In Orlando, FL




Eugina Jordan presents “Accountability under the microscope, network management, reliability and liability” at the Open RAN Forum virtual event on September 14, and “Industry Trends in Executive Leadership” at CCA Annual Convention in Phoenix AZ on September 20-22.




Libby Swan presents “How to make xyz happen?” at Ada’s List Annual Conf 2021 on October 9.



"Formality Weighs a Ton" Guest: Stacey ShipmanStacey Shipman will Host/M.C. for The South Shore Conference for Women on October 28 in Quincy, MA.





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