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New Speaking Engagements

Greer McVay presented “Imperfection is Perfectly Perfect” at the University of Kentucky Women’s Forum Conference on December 7 in Lexington KY.




Lorraine Lindsey will be speaking at the Women Empowerment Expo W.E.E on March 4 in Phoenix, AZ.




Natsuyo Lipschutz will be giving her keynote at Global Innovation Summit on January 18 in Phoenix AZ.




Marline C Duroseau was a featured Author at the Georgia Tech bookstore on December 16 in Atlanta, GA; and presented as an exhibitor at the National Black Women Expo on December 17-18 in Atlanta GA.




Cara Tuttle Bell presented “Intersectional Considerations and Assertiveness Strategies for Negotiation” at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Annual Meeting on December 6 in Phoenix, AZ.







Carrie Pasquarello presented “Tis the Season for Scams” at the Cambridge Women Business Accelerator Meetup Group on December 14.




Jennifer Furlong presented “Adapting to Diverse Communication Styles” to Contract Services Innovations, LLC inaugural teambuilding retreat on December 15-16 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.




New Publications

Lisa Hammett‘s book From Burnout to Best Life: How to take charge of your health & happiness is available at Amazon.




Lindsay Gordon‘s book Right for You: Structure Your Thinking, Make a Decision, and Move Forward with Your Career (and Life) is available at Amazon.




Yvette Durazo‘s book Conflict Intelligence Quotient – Conflict-IQ is available at Amazon.




Betty Francisco was featured in Bold Types in the Boston Globe.




John Chen‘s book Engaging Virtual Meetings: Openers, Games, and Activities for Communication, Morale, and Trust is available at Amazon.




New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Mandy Lemond was featured on NBC’s Access Hollywood on December 1.




Pamela Sams was a guest on A Balanced Life on the Black Star Network.




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