Women’s Issues

Combat Jobs for All

Defense Secretary Ash Carter yesterday ordered the military to open all combat jobs to women. Women will now be eligible to join the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and other Special Operations Units, as well as the Marine Corps infantry. It’s really one of the last places where women were […]

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It Was Never A Dress

Iconic symbols abound in our lives. The recycling symbol tells us to reuse, recycle, reduce.  Some logos have seemingly worldwide instantaneous recognition: Apple’s fruit, McDonalds’ golden arch and the Starbucks mermaid… and the simple male and female symbols that adorn the rest room doors. The #itwasneveradress campaign takes the female icon and […]

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The Biggest News This Week?

The biggest news this week? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s plans for maternity leave…in December. Seriously? (First – congrats to Mayer. She and her husband are expecting twins later this year.) But the news that she once again plans to take a short maternity leave and work during that leave has […]

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