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New Speaking Engagements

Pamela Sams spoke at the Women of Color Stem Conference on October 6 in Detroit, MI and at RIA Mountain States Investment Forum on October 27 in Boulder, CO, and will be speaking on a Behavioral Finance panel at the Women Adviser Summit on November 16 in New York NY.



Laura Burford presents “Create a Winning Pricing Strategy!” for IMC USA on November 8.




Heather Tolley-Bauer was hired to perform at the 4th Annual Ha-Has for Ta-tas fundraising event on October 13 in Peachtree City GA.



Rebecca Leder was selected to speak about Cultivating Deeper Connection at Work at a healthcare technology company in Colorado in October. Rebecca got this opportunity though Innovation Women!



Lisa Danforth presented “The Power of a Pause” at The Maine Women’s Conference on October 26 in Portland ME.




Megan Bozzuto hosted and spoke at IAW Inspirational Influencer Gala & Virtual Expo on October 15.




Dr. LaShana Wiggs was the Keynote Speaker at the International Organization of Black Security Executives Annual Conference on September 29 in Seattle, WA.




Tara Whitney presented “A Relationship with Food Without Dieting and Restriction” at the Wow Forum on October 7 in Torrington CT, and “Mindful Eating for Every Busy Woman” at the Maine Women’s Conference on October 26 in Portland ME




Chris Coladonato presented the Keynote “The Magic of Human Connections” at ATD (Association of Talent Development) Kansas City Chapter 2022 Fall Conference on October 18 in Overland Park KS.




Dr. Charmain Jackman presented the keynote “You are the Brand: Accelerating the Careers of Professionals of Color” at William James College‘s Accelerate the Future Scholarship Dinner on September 20. She also was named one of Boston Business Journal’s Power 50 Movement Makers.



Rachel Braun Scherl presents the Keynote “Measuring and Incorporating Quality of Life to Improve Outcomes for Midlife Women” at Women’s Health Aging Innovation Summit November 9-10 in San Diego CA.



Rebecca Rodriguez presented “Understanding Privilege and Advancing Equity” for the Land Trust Alliance on October 12.




Leni Schwendinger spoke at the Georgia Municipal Association “Georgia Economic Placemaking Collaborative Fall Retreat: Open Plenary Session” on October 13, and NightSeeing™ Walk on October 19-22 in Myrtle Beach SC.



Debra Eckerling was the featured speaker at the DWEN Empower Hour on October 19.




Julia Geisman presented Building Your CareerCapital: Use your career to live the life you want in collaboration with Webster Bank on October 19, and led the workshop “Rethinking impostor syndrome” at the Women in Tech Boston on October 21 in Boston MA.



Carrie Pasquarello presented “Strategizing your security at work, at home, and abroad” at the South Shore Conference For Women on October 27 in Quincy MA.




Linda Ugelow will be leading an interactive talk on Overcoming Fears of Public Speaking on November 15 in Boston MA.




Genein LetfordGenein Letford spoke at LASHCast Conference November 4-7 in Pasadena CA.




Michelle Tillis Lederman presented her Connected Leadership program to the Capital One EmpowHER women’s group on November 2.



Carrie Clark presented “An Invitation to Say Yes to You” for “Event Professionals” on November 3.




Charlene Lam spoke at Let’s Grieve Summit on October 28 and Good Grief Festival (UK) on October 29.



Kirsten Rourke is presenting “Improve Your Training Team’s Adaptability” and will speak on the panel “Advance Your Learning Leadership Career: Tips & Best Practices” at Learning 2022 on November 7-9 in Orlando FL.



Dorice Horenstein presents “Bring Your A GAME to Leadership Team building, leadership fostering and Volunteer Mentoring” at CREW Portland in November 18 in Portland OR.



New Publications

Heidi Herman‘s book On With the Butter: Spread More Living onto Everyday Life is available at Amazon.




Laura Burford‘s book Project Management for Flat Organizations: Cost Effective Steps to Achieving Successful Results is available at Amazon.




Riah Gonzalez‘s book Successful as F*ck: A No BS Tale of Screwing Up and Succeeding Anyway is available at Amazon.




Val Ries‘s book Chief Inspiration Officer: How to Lead the Team Everyone Wants to Be On is available at Amazon.




Rebecca Rodriguez‘s book The Nonprofit Workbook: Tips & Best Practices for Start-Ups Serving the Greater Common Good is available at Amazon.




Christina Inge‘s book Marketing Metrics: Leverage Analytics and Data to Optimize Marketing Strategies is available at Amazon.




Read Tiana Burse‘s article in Entrepreneur, What Metaverse Companies Need to Succeed




Tana Gildea‘s book The Graduate’s Guide to Money: Tools for Starting Your Financial Journey on the Right Foot is available at Amazon.




New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Orly Zeewy was a guest on the Podcast Your Business Story with Kristin N. Spencer.




Lisa Danforth presented “No Is Not a 4-Letter Word” on the Break It To Make It Podcast with Fallon Cryer




Debra Eckerling‘s GoalChatLive on Virtual Meetings featured founder Bobbie Carlton, along with IW allies/members John Chen and Robbie Samuels.




Anne Ryan was a guest on Joya Dass’s LinkedIn Live, HOW TO GET CLIENTS/HOW TO GET RECURRING CLIENTS, and Lena Stoot’s podcast Breakfast Bite of Insight!



Ambika Devi was a guest on Energy Stoners™ Cafe with host Toni Quest.




Julia Geisman was a guest on Rosie Zilinskas’ podcast No Woman Left Behind.


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